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Be The One To Help Save a Life

The Be The 1 To Campaign is a three-episode campaign commissioned by the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

I had the privilege of being one of the Lead Animators and helping explore the look development in the beginning. I also took care of animated typography throughout parts of the video

Narrated by Nick Offerman

Directed by Jenny Mascia

Producer: Fivel Rothberg / In the Salty Sea

Co-Producer: Jenny Mascia

Lead Animators: Elena Garofalo, Jeremy Higgins, Koki Kobori

Animators: Zhoutong Qi, Ella Boker, Liz Gallian, Wooyoung Kim

Art Direction: Jenny Mascia

Written by Jenny Mascia, Fivel Rothberg

Dialogue Co-Written by Kelsey Rauber, Frances Gonzalez

Sound Design: Andrea Martignoni

Post: Mariangela Malvaso

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