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Bright Eyes - Mariana Trench

On this project, I had the opportunity to be 2D Animation Director and Art Director for a team of eight talented illustrators and animators.

There were 18 of us in total, in our bedrooms all around the world. We had about 8 weeks for the project and those weeks happened to be at the same time as the COVID-19 lockdown started. Honestly I think it may have been the best thing to happen as we sat in our rooms just working endlessly.

I highly recommend watching this video at full-screen, on a monitor to get the best experience. 

Vimeo Staff Pick


Below the video are some early tests and scenes I worked on. I had a large hand in the look development for the 2D side of the video. The medium we used was ink on watercolor paper. We decided to restrict ourselves by not using black and mainly sticking to primary colors.

Made at Art Camp.
Directed by Art Camp.

Danica Tan : 3D Animation Director & Art Director
Matt Knudsen : 3D Animator & Technical Director
Vasco Gross : 3D Animator & Designer
Aarman Roy : 3D Animation Intern


Jeremy Higgins : 2D Animation Director & Art Director
Britton Korbel : 2D Animator & Designer
Christin Kim : 2D Animator & Designer
Anna Chandler : 2D Animator & Designer
Kyle Daum : 2D Animator & Designer
Jasmine Haomin Shi : 2D Animator & Designer
Mike Witzel : 2D Animator & Designer
Katie Yu Kyung Lee : 2D Animator & Designer
Zheyu Wang : 2D Animator & Designer

Fern Diaz : Executive Producer
J.J. Russo : Producer & Story Editor
Jerry Li : Producer & Story Editor
Mac Ross : Storyboards & Concept Art
Matt Kagen : Story Concepts

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