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The Headspace series is a print release of new artwork by Jeremy Higgins that convey the feelings of different mindsets people can find themselves in.


Each of the two designs in the series feature an animation that can be viewed on the print through an augmented reality app that will be exclusive to the print owners. (Instructions to be included with shipped orders, it is very easy)


The prints are Linoprints on Unbleached Mulberry paper, 9" x 12", 45 g/m2, Neutral pH. The paper is thin and delicate yet have a really nice soft texture to the touch. I really enjoyed the thought of an animation existing on such a delicate material. All prints will be signed and numbered.

Headspace 2: At Peace

SKU: 002
  • There is no returns or refunds after purchase, unless the product is damaged in transit/prior to arrival.

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