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Sagmeister123 Koala Animations

I had the amazing opportunity to animate the Koala logo for Stefan Sagmeister's fashion brand Sagmeister123. Before viewing my animation work here, please feel free to take a look at the actual website to find and interact with the Koalas yourself.

I animated about 8 different Koalas that made it through to the website. From different ways of it falling asleep, to it doing cartwheels, we tried to give our Koala friend as many emotions as we could think of to make the website patrons' time a little more fun.

The brand is a collaboration between three people. Stefan Sagmeister doing the designs, Anni Kuan producing, and Karolina Ciecholewska designing the website and social media.

All animations were directed by Santiago Carrasquilla.

Koala animations by Jeremy Higgins

Motion Graphics by Haolun Liu

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