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Thom Yorke - Last I Heard (He Was Circling the Drain...)

I was one of the Cel Animators that was on the project for the full duration, so I had the opportunity to run a lot of early tests and help with the look development.


Our job on the Cel Animation team was to find a way to draw over the printed out 3D rendered frames to make them feel more alive and add to the dark atmosphere that we were trying to create.

For the best viewing experience, ​view this on a large screen with the lights off and sound turned up.

Vimeo Staff Pick

Winner of D&AD Graphite Pencil 2020


Winner of Gold Cube for 'Best of Discipline' of the 99th Annual ADC Awards

Below are stills of shots I worked on that ended up in the final video.

Made At Art Camp


Directed by Art Camp and Saad Moosajee


Technical Director: James Bartolozzi


Design by Saad Moosajee and Zuheng Yin


Art Direction by Jenny Mascia


3D Animation by Saad Moosajee, Zuheng Yin, Chanyu Chen


Simulation and Effects by James Bartolozzi


Supporting Design: Chanyu Chen, Andrew Finley


Cel Animation by Jenny Mascia, Britton Korbel, Mac Ross, Jeremy Higgins, Danae Gosset


Production Manager: Matthew Kagen


Production Coordinator: John James Russo


Stop Motion Photographer: Jared Pershad


Storyboards by Mac Ross, Jenny Mascia


Cel Animation Consultant: Danae Gosset


16MM Film Consultant: Oliver Lanzenberg

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